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Menstrual Hygiene Day – creating dignified sanitation spaces for women living in underserved areas

Poor sanitation has far reaching implications on the well-being of people around the world. Women and girls in urban informal settlements are particularly vulnerable to risks associated with poor sanitation. They risk physical and sexual assault when they walk long distances to access a toilet especially at […]

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Release of Lindsay Stradley’s TED Talk: “Why We Need To Talk Shit.”

  Let’s Talk Shit. In a provocative TED talk delivered on the main stage at TEDWomen, Sanergy co-founder Lindsay Stradley makes a call to everyone: NGOs, private sector, government, and young change makers to prioritize shit. She advocates for everyone to foster innovation and embrace smart sanitation systems that […]

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Jane Wangari – pioneering safe sanitation in Shauri Moyo

In our Fresh Life network, female operators make up for more than half of all the entrepreneurs. One of these women is Jane Wangari who hails from Nairobi’s Shauri moyo area. The last of three children in her family, Jane is a cheerful, outgoing mother of two. She joined […]

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Piloting the ‘Fresh Fit’ – Wali Mwalugongo

The Fresh Fit is an in-home toilet designed for households that face a variety of challenges while trying to access a toilet. Some of these challenges include having to venture out at night, and the risk of attack – women and girls are particularly vulnerable. The Fresh […]

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“Waste was slowly crippling our community.” – Mary Kaiganira’s story

Ten years ago, Mary Kaiganira moved to Kiambiu, one of Nairobi’s informal settlements. The poor state of sanitation in the area caused great agony for Mary. The lack of toilets in the area had led to improper disposal of human waste, and the entire community was at […]

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