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Fresh Notes: Stories From The Field

Our Favorite Moments of 2017 – Team Sanergy Reflects!

This year has warranted much to celebrate. We rounded up a couple of our teammates and asked them to share with us their key highlights of the year. Johnstone Musisi, Government Relations – “2017 was quite memorable for me! I got to work with two people who […]

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“Waste was slowly crippling our community.” – Mary Kaiganira’s story

Ten years ago, Mary Kaiganira moved to Kiambiu, one of Nairobi’s informal settlements. The poor state of sanitation in the area caused great agony for Mary. The lack of toilets in the area had led to improper disposal of human waste, and the entire community was at […]

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“We’re committed to serving non-sewered areas in developing cities.” – Sanergy’s Chief Operations Officer Titus Kuria

The rapid growth of cities will see at least 6.5 billion people living in cities by 2050.  One of the challenges that comes with this huge growth is the minimal access to safe sanitation services. At present, alternative sanitation solutions are still largely missing and the existing […]

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Hassan and his family are keeping it fresh

Hassan, a well-known entrepreneur, has his Fresh Life Toilet and home located in Eastlands’ Pumwani area. His businesses range from selling fish and coconut oil to running a garage. “I am a jack of all trades,” Hassan describes himself with a smile. Hassan has a large family […]

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Washing hands for a healthy future

In Kenya, poor sanitation causes an estimated 17,000 deaths of children under five each year, 90% of which are due to diarrheal diseases. Inappropriate hygiene behavior is disastrous for infants and young children; handwashing is considered as one of the most inexpensive yet efficient interventions in curbing hygiene-related […]

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