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Fresh Notes: Stories From The Field

Teammate Spotlight: Benedict Muli

This year marks Benedict Muli’s fifth anniversary at Sanergy as a Sales Associate.  Every day, he holds conversations with residents of Mukuru slum and encourages them to invest in Fresh Life Toilets. Why? “Mukuru has been my home for over a decade, and I want a better […]

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“The reality of slums is that a majority of us don’t have access to flush toilets.” – Samson Ongari, Mukuru resident.

Samson Ongari, a landlord in Mukuru slum, has installed one Fresh Life Toilet for 18 households in his residential plot. Landlords like Samson who have invested in Fresh Life Toilets for their tenants have low tenancy turnover rates, and therefore earn consistent incomes from their rental units. […]

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Happy Fresh Life Customers Make For Cleaner Communities

Our Fresh Life Operators are the biggest ambassadors of our work – out of every 10 new Fresh Life Toilets launched in the community, at least 3 of these are additional units by our existing customers. Similarly, out of every five new customers we acquire, at least […]

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Menstrual Hygiene Day – creating dignified sanitation spaces for women living in underserved areas

Poor sanitation has far reaching implications on the well-being of people around the world. Women and girls in urban informal settlements are particularly vulnerable to risks associated with poor sanitation. They risk physical and sexual assault when they walk long distances to access a toilet especially at […]

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What Happens When Pits Are full? – Introducing ‘Makao Bora’, Our Pilot Pit-Emptying Site

In Kenyan slums, pit latrines make up 80% of sanitation facilities. When these pit latrines fill up, digging a new pit is not an option; space is a luxury in the densely populated slums. Users are usually faced with the difficult task of having their pit emptied. Exhauster […]

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