By The Numbers

By The Numbers


1,691 active Fresh Life Toilets in informal settlements.

Each Fresh Life Toilet provides customers with a dignified, hygienic, and enjoyable sanitation experience. Each customer is welcomed by a Fresh Life Operator, who provides toilet paper, sawdust, soap and water for hand-washing. Each clean toilet also contains a waste bin, sanitary bin for women, a mirror, and a coat hook to make the experience more pleasant for the user.

50,000 daily uses from community members now with access to affordable hygienic sanitation.

Fresh Life prices are in line with the market rates in the informal settlements – and yet we provide so much more in terms of products and services. Customers can pay by the visit, week, or month. Children pay less than adult customers. Some parents buy monthly memberships for children who attend schools with inadequate sanitation facilities. Other families buy a monthly family membership to their neighbourhood Fresh Life Toilet.

Over 5,000 metric tons of waste safely removed from the community and safely treated in 2017.

Each FLO knows exactly when they can expect their daily visit from our Fresh Life Frontline team, who empty each Fresh Life Toilet 365 days a year. The waste cartridges are sealed before being removed by the professionally trained and equipped team. The cartridges are safely removed to our waste management center and treated in accordance with WHO, industry, and Kenyan government standards.

Over 1,250 Jobs Created By Sanergy – Fresh Life. This includes our team, our Fresh Life Operators, and the attendants that they hire as they expand.

Sanergy employs 251 team members. In an area with approximately 40% unemployment, more than 60% of team members live in informal settlements served by Sanergy. Team members receive contracts, pensions, and medical and life insurance. Sanergy has helped 484 informal settlement residents open and start Fresh Life businesses. These micro-entrepreneurs, Fresh Life Operators have created 175 jobs for neighbors who run their daily business operations.