Sanergy Stakeholders

Our Stakeholders

What we stand for:

Sanergy builds healthy, prosperous communities through disruptive solutions to the most critical challenges of our time. We work hard to make hygienic sanitation accessible and affordable to everyone because it is the gateway to solving the important challenges of clean water, quality healthcare, food security, energy, and economic empowerment.

Our work is possible only because of strong partnerships with our stakeholders:

Our Community:

We provide hygienic sanitation for all residents in the informal settlements that we serve. We recognize that the demographics of informal settlements are not uniform, and therefore we work to develop a variety of models to achieve 100% coverage. Women and youth, in particular, are under-represented voices, and we go the extra mile to meet their demands.

Our Operators:

If our Fresh Life Operators do not succeed in generating sustained usage at their toilets, we will not realize our vision. We work collaboratively to develop valued and valuable products and services for our operators. We gain their feedback through weekly 1-on-1 meetings, monthly advisory council meetings, and quarterly network forums. To help them transform their communities, we build marketing campaigns around them and tell their stories to inspire others.

Our Team:

As an organization with 50% of our team under 27 years old, and 60% from informal settlements, we recognize our opportunity to develop a team of pragmatic, highly-skilled leaders who are breaking barriers. We invest heavily in the talent development of each team member. We also provide our teammates with critical benefits like medical and life insurance and pension, so that we can all live healthy, prosperous lives. Finally, we share their stories because they are incredible role models for all to see.


It is insufficient to simply provide clean toilets; where the waste goes after is just as important. We are committed to cleaning up informal settlements through professional, hygienic waste collection services, and then ensuring that waste is treated properly. We also seek to reduce the reliance on synthetic fertilizers and non-renewable energy sources through our waste processing programs.

Our Supporters:

It is only through the tremendous faith of our supporters that we have been able to grow our organization. We commit to our supporters that we will always strive to meet your expectations to the best of our collective ability. We are thankful for your fervent belief in our work and in our team, and your willingness to open any accessible door to help us realize our vision. Pictured: Duncan Onyango, Acumen East Africa Director.